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  • Please take the advantage of pre-registration process to help us make the right decision or adjustment about your classes.
  • New students are required to accurately fill ALL student information and registering classes as listed in the registration form.
  • All student should make sure that your SSN and Birthday are accurate in your record.
    Continuing students may just fill in “SSN” or “DCEI Student ID” fields to register classes.
  • Dongfang Chinese Education Institute shall reserve the right to determine the acceptance of students based on the number of registered students and the practicality of each class

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Make check payable to: "Dongfang Chinese Education Institute"

Mailing Address: Office of Administration
Dongfang Chinese Education Institute,
4253 W. Montrose Ave
Chicago, IL 60641


  • 预注册: 学生们在开学前注册可按公告减费.
  • 家庭减免: 一家有两人以上在校修课者,第二人起可每人按公告减免学费。
  • 注册费不退。
  • 学生在期中前退学,学费将根据退课申请日按照比例退还。
  • 期中以后将不退费。


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