Spring 2023 Teaching Plan 7th  Grade

Ms. Ren holds her medical degree from Shangdong Medical University and has been working in the Northwest University Medical School as research lab manager. She has been dedicated to Dongfang administration team since Dec. 2007 and teaches the second level class since Dec. 2008. The new board and administration appreciate your ongoing support and contribution. We will continue to make Dongfang the best Chinese education place to our students.

任老师出身教育世家,自幼受熏陶,挚爱中文教学,喜欢学生,熟悉美国学校的教学体系,了解双语环境下学生学习中 文的特点。她在课堂上加强中文日常用语的训练,积极与家长配合,针对不同背景,调动学生的学习热情,启发学生积极思考,提高学生实际运用中文的能力。任老师认为中文学习不仅仅是教会学生们认字读句,还要让学生们了解中国文化,以便加深对所学内容的理解。

Ms. Ren DongJun