Mrs. Xie received a Master of Medicine degree from the Second Medical College of Beijing a.k.a. Beijing Tuberculosis Institute. After moved to the US, she has worked in the Medical Lab of University of Chicago for 8 years. She is currently working in International Regulatory Affairs in Abbott Labs. With the passion to promote Chinese Culture and Chinese Education in the United States, Mrs. Xie is now the Principal of the school.

1985北京第二医学院暨北京结核病肺部肿瘤研所医学硕士。1990来美,曾在芝加哥大学医学实验室工作8年。现在Abbott Labs 的国际药品注册部门工作。1994曾担任中文学校财务管理。愿意为下一代的中文教育,为中华文化传播做力所能及的事情。现担任东方中文学校校长.

Nancy Xie