Spring 2020 Teaching Plan Violin Class

Ms. Yu graduated from Shenyang Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree and a Diploma in violin performance from Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts. She as a violin teacher worked at Dalian Academy of Arts and came to the United States for further study. She works for the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and often works with cellist Yo-yo Ma, chief conductor and music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Riccardo. Muti and cooperates with many world-class conductor and performers. Ms. Yu performs in a wide range of forms, like concert solo, piano duet, chamber music, and she is also often active at the Miami Music Festival, the Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra and the Iowa Symphony Orchestra. In recent years, she has not only focused play in symphony orchestras, but has also often worked as a music communicator in various communities in the United States. For example, teaching in primary and secondary schools carry out classical music promotion, youth music primary interest training and learning, and develop children's interest in music, so that elegant music into public life. She thinks it is very meaningful.

于彤,毕业于沈阳音乐学院学士学位,罗斯福大学芝加哥艺术表演学院,获得硕士学位及艺术演奏家文凭。她本科毕业后曾就职于大连艺术学院,任小提琴教师,后到美国深造。现就职于芝加哥城市交响乐团,常与大提琴演奏家--马友友,芝加哥交响乐团首席指挥及音乐总监--里卡尔多. 穆蒂及众多世界一流指挥家演奏家合作。于老师的演出形式极为广泛,协奏曲独奏会,与钢琴的二重奏,室内乐,她还常活跃在迈阿密音乐节,芝加哥爱乐乐团,爱荷华州交响乐团。近些年,她不仅专注于交响乐团工作,还经常作为一个音乐的传播者,在美国各个社区及中小学进行古典音乐推广,青少年音乐初级兴趣培养与教学,不断开发孩子们对音乐的兴趣,让高雅音乐走进大众生活。这是她认为非常有意义的事。

Ms. Yu Tong