Spring 2023 Teaching Plan Art 

Ms. Andrea Ye:  Graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus on Printmedia and Graphic Design. Taught as a teaching assistant in Art History and Appreciation class in the 2019 Oxford Summer School Program at Chengdu. Influenced by her father, who also graduated with an Arts degree, she started drawing in childhood and often went out with her father to take photography and draw from life. As I study art and art history, I start to appreciate the diversity in art and its forms. By introducing art pieces from different times and cultures to the students, I hope they can enjoy the freedom of art while learning knowledge.

叶心: 本科毕业于芝加哥艺术学院版画系,辅修平面设计。曾作为艺术历史与鉴赏课助教参加到2019 牛津暑校于成都的夏令营。自幼在同毕业于美术系的父亲的影响下喜欢画画,时常和父亲出门摄影、写生。在我学习历史和艺术的过程中,我逐渐了解到艺术媒介和形式的多样性。我希望能够通过给小朋友们介绍不同时间和地区的艺术作品,让他们在长知识的同时享受艺术的自由。 


Ms. Ye