Spring 2022 Teaching Plan 1st Grade   

Ms. Yan was born and raised in Beijing China. She studied at the Branch of Peking University, and obtained a bachelor's degree in Applied Physics. Her father works as a translator and her mother is a librarian. They influenced her to love reading and Chinese culture. When she was in college, she started teaching Chinese to foreign students. Ms. Yan has been engaged in early childhood education for several years and has accumulated rich experience in the workfield. At present, she works in a Reggio Emilia Approach school and has in-depth research on children's development and a variety of early childhood education concepts. Ms. Yan not only teaches children the knowledge in textbooks, but also pays more attention to enlightening their learning interests and habits; cultivating children's teamwork through classroom activities; and paying attention to the ability of individual children, inspirit them to express and present themselves.