Spring 2023 Teaching Plan 5th  Grade

Ms. Wang graduated from Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and obtained her Bachelor degree and Master degree in medicine. She has been working at Northwest University Medical School and The University of Chicago as a senior research technologist. She has comprehensive background in Chinese language and loves to teach her students Chinese language and Chinese culture. She teaches the second grade Chinese in Dongfang Chinese School.

王老师毕业于河南中医学院,对现代汉语和古汉语有深入的学习和理解。她拥有中国教育部颁发的高校教师资格证书。作为两个孩子的母亲,了解美国学校的体系,理解双语学生学习汉语的难易度,热爱学生, 因人施教。善于引导学生在轻松的环境中学习中文及了解中国风俗文化。


Wenxia Wang