Xiaoyu Liu graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology, her major was Master of Information Technology and Management. She is responsible for the IIT dance group. and have many performances in colleges and universities in Chicago.
She not only has rich dance experience, but also love kids. She hopes to teach traditional Chinese dance to more children, so that they could learn Chinese culture in the beautiful music and dance.

刘晓雨毕业于伊利诺伊理工大学信息技术与管理专业。负责IIT的蝶舞墨韵舞团。多次在芝加哥各大高校表演。 她不仅有丰富的舞蹈经验,而且喜欢孩子,有爱心。她希望能把中国传统舞蹈教给更多喜欢舞蹈的孩子,让他们在优美的音乐和舞蹈中,快乐的学习中国文化。

Xiaoyu Liu